Media Art Projects

Media Art Projects (MAP) is a non-profit distributing company limited by guarantee.
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MAP manages and initiates artistic and cultural projects related to media and communication technologies. It also undertakes research and consultancies.

MAP's most recent projects have been a series of workshops and events that emphasise skill-sharing, promoting the visibility of non-commercial uses of new technologies, and building local networks. MAP is currently working with many other people on a series of collaborations that address the politics of communication technologies, with a particular relevance to London. MAP has also managed events and performances in temporary spaces.

You will find working documents for some projects in the /current directory of this site. Most working documents for project development are now in the MAP twiki. You are welcome to browse them and make suggestions.

MAP of MAP: this site with I/O/D 4: the webstalker

Current o------| |------o Projects/ Events o------| |------o tech_2 documentation / programme
|------o Ourganisation with Howard Slater and Josephine Berry
|------o You Have Been Watched with comptessa/CCCTV
|------o MAP/London projects
|------o Research o------| |------o Resonance FM research with London Musicians Collective
|------o Digital Media Paper for London Film and Video Development Agency
|------o Resources o------| |------o Southspace server
Archive o------| |------o Events o------| |------o Rich Mix with Mongrelx
|------o Remnants of the Original/ A Room for Improvement, June 2001
|------o Tech_nicks, June - August 2000
|------o OandE, September 2000
|------o Livestock, April 2000
|------o Listen Up Lectures, April - July 2000
|------o Brandon - Body of Evidence, October 1999
|------o Research o------| |------o Australian Dollar to Japanese Yen with Society for Old and New Media
|------o Art, Media, Technology, with Judith Barry/Phaidon Press
|------o Media o------| |------o Kidseye, December 2000 with Tate Gallery and Society for Old and New Media
|------o Tech_nicks documentationTech_nicks documentation, 2000 - 2001
|------o Reports o------| |------o Tech_nicks, Summer 2000
|------o Tate, Autumn 1999
|------o London Arts Board 1996
|------o Texts, selected o------| |------o Tech_nicks for Acoustic Space, 2000
|------o Mongrel Culture, Mute, 1999
|------o Cultural Industries and Divisive Funding Policies, for crash media, 1998
|------o Time Machine for Site Gallery 1998
|------o Pretty Good Pirates: Makrolab, for Mute, 1997
|------o Relative Freedoms: Some retrospections on Independent Media Practice in the UK, 1997
|------o Tunnelling to Deep Europe, 1997
Deep Archive o------| |------o ICA events o------| |------o Dialogues with the Machine, 1998
|------o Parallel Space, 1997
|------o Deep Screen Diving, 1996
|------o Technophobia, 1995
|------o Terminal Futures, 1994
|------o Seduced and Abandoned, 1994
|------o Hedgehogs and Megabytes, 1993
|------o Other events o------| |------o Digital Dreams, 1996
|------o Moviola, 1985 - 1990